The main objective for organizing this event is to bring together all the Commerce, Management, and Science Graduate students from various graduation courses to show their creative and managerial skills. It provides a platform to the youth brigade to give new dimensions to their ever evolving personalities. Fest covers event in field related to the areas of management and commerce. It helps students to broaden their horizons, to understand management and commerce practices in a better way and to develop their overall personality.

The Institute

SK-MBA (also known as DBM-SPCE) is a department of highly reputed Sankalchand Patel College of Engineering. The SK-MBA is approved by AICTE and Gujarat Government and constituent to Sankalchand Patel University, Visnagar. SK-MBA is committed to develop modern executives who are responsible, competent, adaptive and sensible to the business environment. The institute has been set up to create a platform where the ideas can bear, learning encouraged and talent nurtured. SK-MBA is symbolized as participative and interactive learning institution. The faculty and the student develop disruptive interaction which successfully develops an innovative approach to business decision making.

Must attend Events

Seminar on "Digital Marketing"

Dr. Khushbu Pandya(Social Media Educator, Strategist & Entrepreneur)

Dr. Khushbu Pandya is the first lady in India to hold a Doctoral degree in Social Media. She is a Social Media Educator, Strategist, Entrepreneur and Author. She founded a company called “Konvophilia Communications” where she consults brands and professionals with social media strategy and train entrepreneurs and students. Read More

Exposition de Concept

Students will showcase various models on management subjects i.e. Economics, Marketing, Finance, Taxation in simplified way. Participants can go and look around the models and get knowledge on the various aspects of emerging business activities and this information will surely help them in their future endeavors. There will be also chance to win surprise prizes upon visiting exhibition.

Conception de Couleur


‘Conception de Couleur’ is Rangoli competition, the way to present the things in colorful ways. In which participants will represent their views and ideas or can represent their art in form of Rangoli. Rangoli can be current issue based or any theme selected by participants. Read More

Présentation par Affiche


‘Présentation par Affiche’ is poster presentation event, in which participants’ have to represent their ideas pictorially. Posters are a popular presentation format for creative & Conceptual theme. Read More
Theme: Digital Marketing / Use of Social Media / Internet Marketing

Investissement en Actions


‘Investissement en Actions’ is stock market game, software based share-selection game where participants will be given financial data of some companies. Participation will have to analyze the given data and will have to make portfolio from the given list. Winners will be announced based on the portfolio return of the subsequent period.Read More

Simulation d'entreprise


‘Simulation d’entreprize’ is Business Simulation Game competition. Making money in a company is not simple at all! Behind every product or service delivered there is a complex process you must learn to manage: from the manufacturing to reaching customer and company management to branding. Participants will discover all the business secrets required to run the company. Read More

Quiz d'affaires


Quiz d'affaires is the business quiz based on question and answer of business knowledge. This game is to judge the knowledge of the participants towards the various aspects of industries, companies and product. And also to judge the awareness of participants through questions related to knowledge of business and commerce, insight of business and business related areas. Read More

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Rapide et Furieux

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